What To Expect in Coming Posts

I’m a recent University Graduate with a B.A. in Applied Conflict Management, a mother of a beautiful 2 year old girl, and a very concerned young adult on the state of human rights today. I am heavily influenced by my studies, and people I keep an eye on include Gene Sharp (a very influential academic), Bono (a very influential mainstream humanitarian), and others (more to come as I think of them). As I continue to expand my knowledge and learn more about the state of human rights in the world, I cannot help to be highly taken aback by things that happen – or don’t happen. Some of my favorite books include The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, The Empathic Civilization, The Selfish Altruist by Tony Vaux, and others (I’ll be posting more as I think of them because the list is long). My hope with this blog is to engage others in thinking critically about the world in which we live, asking hard questions, and coming up with crazy creative solutions!

If you’re looking for ‘credentials,’ I lived and worked in Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine, and the West Bank from 2006-2007 (yes, during the war with Lebanon), working in various capacities either voluntarily or illegally (under the table). I also participated in a Human Rights workshop with Global Youth Connect in Rwanda (where a genocide took place 17 years ago in 1994), which borders the most conflict-infested area in the entire world – the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Future posts will include information and thoughts on the DRC, the Batwa in Rwanda, 1 billion squatters and housing rights, democracy (and why I dislike it), and the dangers in legislating morality. I will also be posting on various articles I come across and books I read. I hope to engage my readers and bring interesting concepts to the table so we can all share and discuss our world.


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